We bet on social entrepreneurship

A circular economy project

We are a commitment to social entrepreneurship where we create and build from reused and new woods with a forest sustainability certificate.

We imagine and make functional and decorative elements.

Our collaborators are entities that serve groups at risk of exclusion: over 45 years of age in long-term unemployment and people with disabilities.

We imagine and make functional and decorative elements.

Our background

Joan Riera

Entrepreneur and project manager, I have worked in the design and production of furniture, accessories, scenographies and stands at the La Mercè Festival in Barcelona, the Manresa Traditional Music Fair, the Museu del Ferro Rosell, the Museu del Tabac Reig, Júlia Perfume Museum, Alimentaria, Graphispag, Fira Gran, Seat, Salvat, Argentaria, Puig Perfumes, Media Pro Sport, etc.

For 10 years I dedicated myself to the design and implementation of socio-labor projects for young people in job placement programs, with professional training workshops in wood and construction assemblies.

In this period we opened 60 centers in 12 countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

2016 I created Moments de Fusta (Wooden Moments), with the aim of generating sustainable work spaces for groups at risk. It was about thinking and producing decorative and functional items that take care of the environment and serve to make professional craftsmen and people in social exclusion work together.

Passionate professionals

We take care of all the details

We have specialists in each area: wood, iron, paint, lacquer, four-color, screen printing, laser.

Effort and enthusiasm are our engines. Quality is our best letter of introduction, the guarantee of good work.

Recycled raw material or certified for forest sustainability.
Handled and packaged with work centers for the disabled.
Complementary works with iron, glass and other materials.
Quality painted, lacquered and varnished.
Wood workshop where professionals and groups at risk of exclusion make the pieces.
Process and screen printing with a group of disabled people.
Logo engraving and laser cutting of parts.
Business with Social Value
Can Fugarolas
Som Mobilitat
Fundació el Maresme
Icària arts gràfiques


Tell us what you need

We listen to you to serve you correctly.


We study your case

We analyze and think about options.


We make you a proposal

Creative and functional. Sustainable and economical.


Enjoy your new products

And benefit from the advantages of the new article.

If you have any questions, custom orders or suggestions

we are at your service

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